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Monday, November 3, 2014

Hector Roos' Recommendation on 2014 Election

Hector Roos' Personal Election Recommendations

I have 3 easy recommendations:
  1. Vote "NO" if you don't understand what the ballot means.
  2. Vote your Conscience. No one knows how you vote.
  3. Go ahead and vote, you can just leave any question blank you come across.
Detailed recommendations:

Vote NO on all County questions.

You are being asked for permission to have a reduction on the size of the green spaces at our parks in every question save the courthouse. And the Courthouse is a grant of money that is not attached to a plan on how to spend (this is exactly the wrongheaded kind of ballot question that gets us in trouble).

Vote YES on 1 and 2 to the amendments of the Florida Constitution. Vote NO on 3 to the allowing judicial appointments.

Proposed Amendment 1 is regarding putting tax monies we are already paying for in a "lock box" to go for nature restoration including our ever important waterways (the legislature right now just has a law requiring them to spend some of the money rather than a true financial dedication).

Proposed Amendment 2 is Medical Marijuana. My mother passed away this year to a very painful and debilitating cancer. Marijuana was the only medicine that gave her any pain relief. ALL pharmaceutical drugs she was told to take cause horrific side effects. This story is far too common. VOTE YES ON 2.

Proposed Amendment 3 if passed allows an outgoing governor the right to fill judicial vacancies without any electoral punishment for playing favorites. Imagine this power in the hand of any radical socialist who happens to make it to the governors mansion. A series of upcoming retirements could allow the next governor or two to transform the temperament of the courts.

Regarding Governors: No one has been more pro-business in Florida than Rick Scott but that doesn't mean he's perfect or automatically deserves re-election. Ask yourself if you feel that life in Florida has improved since Scott took office and vote accordingly. If you are not satisfied, I recommend you don't vote for Charlie Crist.

Regarding every other election (i.e. State House and local municipality): No one wants to say you're on your own but the reality is that these are the people who make the most decisions over your life and it comes down to whether you trust them to do the right thing when the lobbyist comes with an offer or their friends applies pressure to them.

Closing remarks:
Participate and make your world one voice stronger. This is a life best lived over time and you should think about political change over time BUT DON'T BE AFRAID TO DEMAND THE RIGHT CHANGE IMMEDIATELY!

Thank you for your time.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Video Update: Rothbardian Circle, 2016, Local Elections and Republicans vs Joe Garcia


Rothardian Circle welcomes Dr. Kevin Gutzman
Who's Running for President in 2016
Last Chance to Run for Local Office
Breaking News: It's the Republicans vs Joe Garcia
Meet Congressional Candidate Joe Martinez Tomorrow

What is the Open Government Miami Initiative?

Our goal is to explain why politics works the way it does and what you can do to influence political outcomes. This is a teaching initiative to show you how to change public policy and the way government relates to you.

Our principal goal has been to explain why “all politics is local” and how “money is the milk of politics” which means you have greatest influence on changing the political scene the more local it is and that business owners and trade groups have a vested interest to protect and promote their livelihood by participating in politics.

This is a libertarian cause. If you oppose the initiation of physical force, if you believe that might does not make right, you are a libertarian. Period.

And it doesn’t matter how you arrived at that conclusion. There is no better or worse libertarian. Just people trying to advance the cause of liberty. Libertarianism after all is a moral code. It is the application of the Golden Rule of “Do to others, as you would have them to do you” in politics and life in general.

Libertarianism doesn’t offer a way of life; it offers liberty – where you can freely act according to your own values and moral principles.

Now with that said, this video update is about recent local and national news that is important to bring to you and how you can get involved in helping the South Florida liberty-minded community promote “liberty as the highest political goal”.

Discussion Topics:

            1)     Rothbardian Circle Miami
May 21st  6:30-10 PM
Two Locations:
Total Wine in Pembroke Pines on Pines Blvd
John Martin’s Pub in Coral Gables on Miracle Mile

The guest speaker is Dr. Kevin Gutzman, professor of history at Western Connecticut State University. He has written the acclaimed biography “James Madison and the Making of America” as well as the national bestsellers Politically Incorrect Guide to the US Constitution and Who Killed The Constitution? with Dr. Tom Woods.

            Be sure to check in and RSVP for the event at either location here:

2)     Who is running for President in 2016?
There are a lot of rumors going around but it only matters if you get involved now so you can have an opportunity to get involved later when the election really begins after this November’s midterm elections.

Former Florida Gov. JEB! Bush
Sen. Rand Paul
New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez
Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney
Sen. Marco Rubio

Former Sen. and Sec. of State Hillary Clinton (seems the sure in Democratic Party candidate)

If you want to get involved in deciding the future president of this country then you have to get involved now in order to pursue getting involved a year from now for your presidential candidate of choice.

This means either running for office or helping someone who is running.

3)     It’s too late to run for Congress this cycle but you have a month to run for local and state office.

The County Commission and various State House and Senate seats without challengers also.
If you choose to run against an incumbent in this cycle you’re guaranteed at least 30-40% of the vote. It is then your responsibility to get remaining votes to win.
Let me know if you’re interested in pursuing elected office.

4)     It’s the Republicans versus Joe Garcia in Florida’s 26th Congressional District
which stretches from Westchester, through Kendall, the Redlands, Florida City and down to Key West.

This district leans Republican so it is expected that this US House seat flip in November unless of course the wrong candidate wins the upcoming Republican primary.

This is a 5-way primary but there are 3 candidates that you should know about:

School Board Member Carlos “I need a million dollars to win” Curbelo
Nice guy, but doesn’t have a lot of experience: mainly lobbying. He’s been picked by the DC Establishment with the plan that raising a lot of money to buy the election. Not exactly a winning formula in a hotly contested primary or against Joe Garcia.

            Former Congressman David “I have a target on my back” Rivera
Is in! He surprised the 305 world by filing last minute into the race despite an ongoing FBI probe into election fraud in 2012 that’s landed close associates of his in jail. I do believe that these are politically-motivated allegations because of Rivera’s close association to Marco Rubio, a presidential contender. However, what is truly disgraceful about Rivera is that he lost his own seat to Joe Garcia in 2012.

Nonetheless, Rivera is a political genius and his entrance to the race steals away a lot of attention from Curbelo and possibly a lot of his money also.

Rivera and Curbelo have been competing in the same Republican circles for years and their ongoing feud will turn this Primary into a nasty bloodbath and weaken the Republican Party chances against Joe Garcia in November.

However, there is the 3rd candidate that’ll keep it real and is should be the best Republican to beat Garcia.

            Joe “Here Comes Daddy” Martinez
This better Joe is the former Miami-Dade County Commission chair whose 12 years on the County Commission representing most of Congressional District 26 means that voters here are very familiar with him. Joe Martinez is a political veteran with an established and lengthy legislative record. Plus, he doesn’t come with any baggage or drama that you’ve come to expect in Miami.

                        Yes, if you think I like Joe, you’re right. I’m completely behind him.

And did I mention that previous to public office, he was a 17-year decorated police officer who received not one but two GOLD MEDALS OF VALOR, the highest award for bravery a police officer can receive plus more than 70 other medals and commendations.

Joe Martinez has the experience, the cojones, and the political clout to win over the Curbelo-Rivera feud.

5)     Come Meet Joe Martinez Tomorrow Tuesday Night from 6-7:30pm at Anacapri on Ponce in Coral Gables

It’s a fundraising reception but you can show up for the free food and drinks even if you’re just there to meet Candidate Martinez.

We all complain about the candidates we get to pick come Election Day. How about meeting a candidate you can actually support and tell your family and friends about?

Tomorrow Night, Tuesday, May 6th from 6pm – 7:30pm we’ll be upstairs at Anacapri Restaurant located in Downtown Coral Gables, 2530 Ponce de Leon Blvd.

Come meet the next Republican Congressman to serve South Florida!

6) Thank you for watching this Open Government Miami update. If you want to get involved or need some orientation as to what to do please send me a message or comment below.

Disclaimer: My opinions are my own and have not been endorsed by any candidate.

May 21st Rothbardian Circle with Dr. Kevin Gutzman

Rothbardian Circle Miami is an economics, finance and public policy discussion circle where we invite the best minds from across the world to join us over video chat to listen to their expert presentation and take questions.

Mission Statement: To create the optimum atmosphere for learning about the free market regardless of the individual's familiarity on the subtopics being discussed.

This event will be multi-cast from two locations featuring Dr. Kevin Gutzman.

JOIN US May 21st 6:30 - 10 PM

The John Martin's Pub along Miracle Mile, which we have used for several previous events:

Total Wine and More in Pembroke Pines:

Dr. Kevin Gutzman is an American constitutional scholar, American historian, and Madison biographer notable for writing Virginia's American Revolution: From Dominion to Republic, 1776-1840 and what has been described "the definitive biography" of James Madison, James Madison and the Making of America. He is a professor of history at Western Connecticut State University.

He also wrote the national bestsellers The Politcally-Incorrect Guide to the US Constitution and Who Killed the Constitution? co-written with Dr. Tom Woods.

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